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Sep, 2017

Lobbying Pride Day: “Lobby non olet”

On 6 October, Telos A&S will organise the Lobbying Pride Day. Maybe someone will think there is no need for yet another celebration. There may not be, but we do feel the urge to reaffirm that “lobbying does not stink”: lobbying is a serious profession, true lobbyists perform it professionally, and always in full compliance with the rules. You are welcome to join us from 10 to 12,15 am in the Sala del Parlamentino at Palazzo dei Giureconsulti in Milan (Piazza dei Mercanti, 2).

We will use real-world case studies to introduce a debate on the major challenges our profession is facing in the near future.

Together with Simone Crolla, Managing Director at American Chamber of Commerce in Italy, we will help you understand how lobbying actually works, who does it and how.

Mariella Palazzolo and Marco Sonsini of Telos A&S will then exchange views with Riccardo Nencini, Vice-Minister of Infrastructures and Transport; Michele Corradino, Commissioner at the National Anti-corruption Authority; Marco Di Maio, Member of the Italian Parliament and a Member of the Board of EYU Foundation; Raffaele Tiscar, Chief of Staff of the Minister of Environment. Alessandro Galimberti (Il Sole 24 Ore) and Flavia Trupia (PerLaRe – Association for the Rhetoric) will moderate the sessions.

We will be waiting for you!

Find the program here

Download it here
Lobbying Pride Day: “Lobby non olet”