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Maria Palazzolo

Publisher: Telos A&S srl
Via del Plebiscito, 107
00186 Rome

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Telos Primo Piano Scala c

the collection ONE, our way
to celebrate the first five years
of our monthly publication
“Primo Piano Scala c”.

July 2020, Year XII, n. 7

Antonella Argenti

The Mayor-Nominee

Telos: Every time someone talks about the direct election of the Prime Minister, people use the very evocative expression “Mayor of Italy”.
So, is it true that Mayors have, in the administration of their own city, more power than the Prime Minister has today?

Antonella Argenti: Mayors have a million responsibilities, but their power to address them is definitely limited. We are on the frontline in everything and we have a direct, constant relationship with our citizens, to whom we owe our job and concrete initiatives. In light of this, one might think that Mayors can be proactive and take effective, wide-ranging action ...more


Once again, the person featured in this issue of PRIMOPIANOSCALAc’s series of interviews with mayors comes as a huge surprise.
Who would have ever thought that the Mayor of a small town in northern Italy, with a population of just 5,700, could become the star of the international news?
And yet it happened, and Antonella Argenti, Mayor of Villa del Conte in the province of Padua, managed to do it twice in just a few months.
The first time was when she instituted a very unique seat on the City Executive: the Loneliness Councillor ...more