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Maria Palazzolo

Publisher: Telos A&S srl
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00186 Rome

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Telos Primo Piano Scala c

the collection ONE, our way
to celebrate the first five years
of our monthly publication
“Primo Piano Scala c”.

January 2019, Year XI, n. 1

Gianfilippo Aldegheri

Expat. That’s cool and all but

Telos: Who is Gianfilippo Aldegheri?

Gianfilippo Aldegheri: Well, Gianfilippo is a brilliant young Italian man currently residing in London. I attended the Liceo Classico Ginnasio “Virgilio” in Mantova which instilled in me the passion for literature and art but did not help me much choosing a career path. At last, thanks to my family’s guidance, I decided to study economics and ended up finding myself in Trento, at the time the #1 public university in Italy for economic studies, where I completed my bachelor’s degree in “Economics and Management” ...more


Digital nomads, expats, free spirits who leave il Bel Paese (Italy) to work abroad: there are many of them, and for all sorts of different reasons. And London is, and continues to be, one of the most popular destinations, in spite of Brexit.
Sure, the word “expat” is on everyone’s lips (good old Latin!) but what is the difference between an expat and an immigrant? Are the North Africans peddling their wares on street corners expats? Or maybe European professionals in Singapore should also be considered immigrants ...more