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Public Affairs project

Telos assists its clients in devising public affairs strategies and follows their deployment in all the relevant phases. Public Affairs projects can be aimed at:

  • Defining and improving the client’s positioning in the institutional environment. To this purpose, Telos, basing on the analysis of the decision-makers and stakeholders, drafts a dedicated Positioning Plan and assists the client in its concrete deployment, typically through the organisation of meetings with the representatives of relevant Institutions and other stakeholders, where the client has the chance to present its activity and needs. Telos also drafts a dedicated Position Paper, whose structure and contents are devised on a case-by-case basis, according to the role, competence, standing and interests of each interlocutor. Telos also offers its strategic advice on any fine-tuning in the corporate decision-making processes and distribution of functions that may be necessary in order to take the most out of the Public Affairs activity.

    Regional positioning project - May 2016

  • Helping the client play an active role in public decision-making processes at the regional, national and EU level. Telos, basing on the objectives preliminary agreed with the client, detects the best tools to obtain a regulatory change and defines a strategy to engage with the relevant stakeholders. Telos assists the client in all the phases of the dialogue with the Institutions, including the organisation of a contact programme, and drafts the relevant position papers, as well as any proposal for regulatory change and/or any other parliamentary act (e.g. questions, motions for Resolutions) that may be needed.

    Public Affairs project - March 2016