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Telos provides clients with strategic advice in the fields of monitoring, regulatory framework analysis, planning and management of public affairs projects.

Basing on the regular monitoring of the activity of EU, national and local Institutions, Telos detects those decision-making processes and negotiating interactions among different levels of Government, productive categories and stakeholders which can deliver change in the legislative and regulatory framework in individual sectors.

Telos assists clients in planning public affairs strategies, aimed at defining or improving their positioning in the institutional environment and helping them play an active role in decision-making processes.

Telos takes care of all the stages of a public affairs activity.

Telos promotes the dialogue with Institutions and stakeholders, through accreditation meetings which provide clients with the opportunity to present their activity and needs.

On the basis of the objectives agreed upon with the client, Telos detects the best possible tools to improve the regulatory framework and assists the client in its lobbying activity towards the relevant Institutions.

Lobbying and public affairs activities play a fundamental role in ensuring the correct functioning of a democratic as well as economic environment.
Fostering the citizens’ involvement in decision-making processes is the most revealing sign of a mature democracy.