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Analysis of the regulatory framework: status quo and perspective developments

Telos provides its clients with an analysis of the existing regulatory framework in their areas or micro-sectors of interest, as well as with an overview of its perspective development in the short-medium run, basing on the knowledge of decision-making processes, their timing, the positions of public decision-makers (both politicians and bureaucrats) and stakeholders.
According to the client’s needs, the analysis of the regulatory framework can be limited to an outline of the state of play of a given legislative/regulatory procedure (example n. 1) or it may include a comprehensive overview of how public policies are managed and how different levels of Government interact in a given area (example n. 2).


  1. State of play of the reform of drug retail distribution - April 2016
  2. Reimbursement mechanisms applying to generic medicines: status quo and perspective changes - July 2015