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Analysis of the political and economic scenario

Telos provides its clients, either on a one-off or on a regular basis, with a reasoned analysis of the developments in the Italian political scenario, with a focus on:

  • Stability of the parliamentary majority and impact of any turmoil affecting its cohesion on the effectiveness and time-consistency of the Government’s action
  • Developments in the party system
  • Political debate and decision-making processes on national macroeconomic policies (fiscal and budgetary policies, structural reform)
  • Participation of Italy in the decision-making processes on the macroeconomic governance of the Eurozone


According to the client’s needs, the scope of the analysis may be broadened to include:

  • Public policies in a given sector, with a focus on the positions of the main political forces and stakeholders
  • Developments in the Italian industrial system, with particular (though not exclusive) focus on the management of companies controlled by the State or Local Governments
  • In-depth analysis of individual companies, including the strategic approach of their top-management as well as its relations with the Unions, the political-institutional environment and other stakeholders.

The ambition of a scenario analysis activity is not to give a real-time update on the day-by-day spasms in the political and business environment, but to place the news flow into a coherent framework. The aim is to provide the client, through a qualitative analysis, with a better comprehension of current affairs and reasoned forecasts of how any given development may impact on the political, financial and economic stability of Italy in the short and medium run.


  1. Reasoned analysis of the political scenario on a weekly or fortnightly basis (domestic political outlook, participation of Italy in decision-making processes concerning the macroeconomic governance of the Eurozone, implementation of the Government’s agenda) - 09 December 2015
  2. Report on the political and business scenario on a weekly basis - 27 January 2016