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Apr, 2021

Bad, mean and dangerous. They sometimes come back

The title of the meeting Bad, mean and dangerous. Phenomenology of lobbying organised by the Association Odós, was invented by the ever unforgettable Andrea Ballarini, host at the old-syle literary café Bea Café.

Mariella Palazzolo, founding partner of Telos A&S with an almost 30-year expertise as a professional lobbyist, hopes she had a non-obvious story to tell: what lobbying means, why her job exists and above all, how she does it.

No abstract theories to demonstrate, nor any ideological stances to stand for: just a description of a profession that in her view should be taken more seriously.

Lobbying requires technical skills, as well as the ability to analyse and understand politics and policies. Yet, this profession is the victim of a die-hard prejudice, fomented by the plethora of wheeler-dealers who describe themselves as lobbyists while they are, in fact, no professionals at all.

Mariella Palazzolo described what she practically does in her typical working day. She did not forget some anecdotes which hopefully made the conversation more pleasant – because at the end of the day, lobbying is not posh dinner parties or vernissages, but paperwork … a great deal of it.

She answered the many questions and tried to dispel the many doubts of the participants.

Mariella certainly did not want to be a bore - despite the philosophical subheading.

Beppe Sciortino, journalist and an expert of politics acted as the agent provocateur.

Bad, mean and dangerous. They sometimes come back