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Feb, 2021

Telos A&S for Art. MUTANTS by Francesca Tulli  

The passion of each and every one of us at Telos A&S for art is apparent to anyone who ever set foot into our office. Since the very beginning, we endeavoured to build a small art collection, especially contemporary, which allows us to work surrounded by beauty. The artworks by Francesca Tulli, whom we admire both as a sculptor and a painter, are part of our collection. This time, however, we wanted to do something different: contribute in our own small way to the publication of the Catalogue of Tulli’s latest exhibition, MUTANTS, opened in Galleria KOU on 12 December 2020.

“Francesca Tulli’s creativity has always been inspired by the displacement in the gaze, both in paintings and in sculptures, whether ceramic or bronze,” wrote curator Massimo Scaringella. “In this latest series of works in the exhibition titled ‘Mutants’, this displacement is even more striking. The title alludes to the way the artist conceives her work – something that goes beyond physical boundaries and expresses a possible future evolution. Her work does not stop at the observable reality, but transcends it and represents something beyond it.”

Congratulations, Francesca!

Download the PDF to leaf through the catalogue of MUTANTI and enjoy the works of art.


Download it here
Telos A&S for Art. MUTANTS by Francesca Tulli