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Jul, 2019

Lobby: little pride, much prejudice

“Advocacy has come out of the shadows. There are university and master courses. Specialised firms are growing. But attempts at setting the rules of the game, such as the registries of the Chamber of Deputies and the Ministry of Economic Development, are maimed and generate distortions. All the while politicians are afraid to engage in open discussions. The result is that decision-making processes remain hardly transparent”. On MAG, Massimo Gaia interviews Marco Sonsini at Telos A&S, who does not quite agree with the term “advocacy”. Sonsini once again underlines the need for transparency in decision-making processes to “do away with the illicit and unlawful purchase of draft decrees”, and reiterates that registries, where Telos A&S has always been very scrupulous in enrolling, are “a response to a false problem”.

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Lobby: little pride, much prejudice