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Mar, 2019

2019 italiadecide Report. Telos A&S contribution

italiadecide presented its tenth annual Report, “Democracy of interests and the interests of democracy: improving the quality of public decision-making.” The Report has the purpose of articulating a proposal to regulate lobbying activities, basing on the belief that the knowledge and expertise brought by stakeholders can improve the quality of political decisions. Therefore, integrating the representation of interests in the public decision-making process in a transparent and effective manner is both an exercise in direct democracy and a crucial opportunity to preserve and improve the good functioning of the democratic system.

The Report was presented in the Sala della Regina at the Chamber of Deputies, at the presence of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

Marco Sonsini from Telos A&S contributed with an interview to the chapter on “The world of interest representation”, while Mariella Palazzolo contributed to the Report with a chapter of her own, “Shame on the lobbyists!”

Download it here
2019 italiadecide Report. Telos A&S contribution