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Jun, 2018

A State Matter. Politics and High Bureaucracy. The story... in super

The debate 'A State Matter. Politics and high bureaucracy', organised by Telos A&S together with the De Gasperi Foundation, was lively and interesting. It was held on 28 May in Rome in the historic building of the Treccani Institute. The topic was hot, indeed very hot: the relationship between politics and the State’s senior civil servants. In other words, we have wondered whether it is politicians or bureaucrats who make policies.

The speakers, thanks to their experience, contributed freely and without any hypocrisy to frame the theme and give their point of view on how things really are and how they should be.

The guest of honour was the Counsellor Head of Service of the Chamber of Deputies Vito Cozzoli, former Head of Cabinet of the Minister of Economic Development. The discussion was attended by Lorenzo Malagola, secretary general of the De Gasperi Foundation, and Marco Sonsini, partner of Telos A&S. Flavia Trupia - PerLaRe, Association for Rhetorics, moderated the debate, introduced by Mariella Palazzolo, of Telos A&S.

The main points of the meeting were condensed into a short video. The topics covered are highlighted by superimposed words or, as they say in jargon, in super. A simple expedient to underline the passage from one theme to another:

  • Who does the policy-making. Politicians or bureaucrats?
  • The Staff makes the politics
  • The Bassanini Law 20 years later
  • The Bureaucrat
  • Neutrality
  • The Common Good
  • The Role of the Parliament
  • The Alternative
  • Weak politics
  • Lobbying
  • Transparency

All that's left to do is watch and listen.

Watch the video here

A State Matter. Politics and High Bureaucracy. The story... in super