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Jun, 2018

Telos A&S and the AmCham White Paper on the Future of Industry 4.0

Telos A&S contributed drafting the American Chamber of Commerce's White Paper 'The Future of Industry 4.0', presented on 5 June in Milan in the Aula Magna of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. The document stems from the reflection of the members of the Working Group (WG) Research and Development AmCham. Each of them has analysed a specific aspect of Industry 4.0, based on their field of expertise but also on their own experience.

The role of Telos A&S,  a lobbying, public affairs and political analysis firm, has been to investigate the policies undertaken, in this sector, by recent governments. In particular, in the chapter ‘Views on recent Italian governments’ industrial policy' drafted by Telos, the so-called Calenda Plan (Mr. Calenda being the competent Minister at the time) is described, which - starting from the definition of Industry 4.0 - has reached the broader concept of Enterprise 4.0, but the initiatives of the Chamber and Senate have also found space. Indeed, Parliament has not been indifferent to this issue and has provided ideas for managing it in the most effective and fair way.

The document was illustrated by Enrico Sisti, President of the WG, who described not only its contents, but also its genesis and objectives.

Beyond the historical, analytical, legal and industrial policy aspects, the document includes a series of case-studies, drawn from the direct experience of the WG companies.

Attilio Fontana, President of the Lombardy Region, opened the meeting, explaining the measures that the Administration intends to undertake to encourage the path towards innovation of industrial processes and connectivity among Lombardy companies.

AmCham President Stefano Venturi expressed optimism for the future of trade relations between Italy and the US and hoped that Italy could be the location of new investments from abroad.

Marco Fortis, Professor of Industrial Economics at Università Cattolica, considered that the role of the State, beyond industrial plans and incentives for industry, should be that of 'purchaser of technology', in order to spread an encourage it and to promote its common use.

In the coming months the WG will continue its advocacy activities and will present the document at another public meeting in Rome, to involve especially representatives of institutions and propose ideas to undertake new initiatives for Enterprise 4.0 to the new government.

Download it here
Telos A&S and the AmCham White Paper on the Future of Industry 4.0