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Nov, 2017

Telos A&S, the first lobbying company, partner of ELITE-Borsa Italiana

In October of this year Telos A&S became a partner of ELITE-Borsa Italiana, an international platform helping SMEs to grow. It works with them as they evolve culturally and organisationally, helps them to improve their relationship with the banking and entrepreneurial system, gives them structured access to international financial community, and facilitates their internationalisation.

ELITE offers a training programme, divided into three stages. The first, Get Ready, involves a series of seminars organised by the Academy of Borsa Italiana and the Bocconi University. It allows the SMEs to come into contact with entrepreneurs, managers and experts. Telos A&S is the lobbying expert.

Noi Italia” 2017, a recent report by Istat-National Institute of Statistics, shows that SMEs are the heart and soul of the Italian economy. Despite a drop in numbers due to the crisis, the study reports that the average size of SMEs remains unchanged. As a result, SMEs continue to play an important productive role in Italy’s economy.

As part of ELITE the mandate entrusted to Telos A&S is to make Italian SMEs understand the importance of lobbying, especially as regards smaller realities. SMEs can and must ensure their voice is heard by institutions; this can be achieved by conveying their positions through a professionally structured dialogue. If they don’t, they will never be part of the decision-making processes that directly affect them.

Mariella Palazzolo (Telos A&S) says: “SMEs are the backbone of the Italian economy, but their regulatory demands are not considered in a systematic manner. Their relationship with decision-makers remains sporadic and rather unorganised. They have to learn to adopt a planned approach in order to represent their needs and interests”. Marco Sonsini (Telos A&S added: “Only then will Italian SMEs be able to continue to remain small and slick, but also strong, important and heard”.

Other ELITE partners include law firms, consulting firms, associations, representative bodies, and companies. Telos A&S is the only ELITE partner in the lobbying sector.


Telos A&S, the first lobbying company, partner of ELITE-Borsa Italiana