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Apr, 2017

11 April. Profession lobbyist: resource or embarrassing presence?

This is the title of the workshop Telos A&S is organising on 11 April at the Salone della Giustizia in Rome.

One of the most interesting workshops and undoubtedly a ‘far cry’ from the (unjustifiably) solemn image of justice. The meeting will try to shed light on an issue that is often misrepresented: lobbying.

To achieve this goal, Telos A&S, a professional lobbying, public affairs and political analysis firm, will not organise a panel of pundits or polemicists, but for once will give the floor to professionals who on a daily basis work to present the interests of the business community (or any other interest group) to Institutions.

During the workshop, lobbyists, politicians, institutional representatives and other professionals with complementary skills will sketch out the complex profile of this fascinating and versatile profession. A profession that is transversal vis-à-vis skills and fields of knowledge, but also incredibly useful to enhance decision-making processes from the point of view of economic and social operators.

Here is the link to the Salone della Giustizia’s programme.

Today we’ll begin by giving you a taste of what the meeting will involve.

A little less than three hours divided into three, 45 minute sessions:

  1. A profession of ill repute – moderator Silvia Borrelli, economic journalist
  2. The lobbyist as a cultural mediator between businesses, politics and Institutions - moderator Flavia Trupia, PerLaRe (Associazione Per La Retorica)
  3. Lobbying on trial: threat or resource for democracy? – moderator Fiorenza Sarzanini, journalist at Corriere della Sera 

Here you can find the complete programme of the meeting.

Download it here
11 April. Profession lobbyist: resource or embarrassing presence?