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Analysis & Strategies

Telos is an independent professional firm dealing with Public Affairs and strategic advice.

Telos specialised in helping clients understand and engage effectively with the external environment in which they operate.

Telos monitors with method and competence all regulatory, legislative activities, and politics at EU, national and local level.

Telos drafts thorough analysis rooted in its team’s skills to analyse the political scenario and to develop a professional and sophisticated assessment of information and trends.

Telos detects the relevant decision-making process and helps clients play an active role in it.

Telos provides strategic advice tailored on the clients’ unique needs and objectives.

A member of the Fipra Network

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Telos Primo Piano Scala c

February 2018, Year X, n. 2

Elisabetta Sgarbi
The Captain of the Publishing Industry

Elisabetta Sgarbi, CEO of the publishing house, La Nave di Teseo, tells us about her world, made of books, cinema and art. In a country, Italy, where everybody claims to love culture but nobody reads more...

Giornata di Orgoglio Lobbista: Lobby non olet

October 6th 2017 - Milan

Lobby non olet.
Lobbying Pride Day

Telos A&S organises the Lobbying Pride Day. We will use real-world case studies to introduce a debate on the major challenges our profession is facing in the near future. With the help of distinguished speakers. Find the program here


The Collection One

the collection ONE, our way
to celebrate the first five years
of our monthly publication
“Primo Piano Scala c”.

A glance at the world from
people all over the world.

Enjoy the reading!